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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Amazing August at HHSE!

This has been an AMAZING month at HHSE for so many reasons:

a).  NEW RELEASE DVD SHIPMENTS:  For the first time ever, HHSE has manufactured and shipped initial title quantities of FOUR (4) new release titles in a single month!  AMERICAN JUSTICE, POSSESSION WITHIN, SPRING BREAK MURDERS and VALLEY OF THE WITCH are all shipping out NOW to retailers and wholesalers.  In addition, FATHERS OF THE SPORT has shipped for the Walmart Budget Bins (yowsa!) and replenishment orders shipped for five popular selling catalog DVD items to a variety of retail and wholesale accounts.

b).  NEW STAFF FOR EXPANDED ACTIVITIES:  Five new employees are in action at HHSE, which dramatically enhances the company's ability to respond quickly to opportunities and to fulfill operational activities.  Support from new employees handling Accounting, IR-PR, Production Management, Sales Admin and Webmaster positions will enable HHSE managers to get the big-important stuff "done" without distraction or delay.

c).  BIG THEATRICAL SCHEDULE:  To enhance the company's consumer profile and market credibility, HHSE is releasing several titles to theatres beginning Q4, including "ON ANY SUNDAY: THE NEXT CHAPTER", "BONOBOS", "THE WEATHER STATION", "BORRAR DE LA MEMORIA" and a couple of 'surprise' acquisitions for release to theatres in Q1 (2015).  The work to get these movies marketed and released is happening NOW!

d).  OTHER DVD / BLU-RAY SLATE:  Over 25 additional titles are "in queue" for release during Q4 and Q1, and the preparation work for those is also now underway.  Talk about a HUGE revenue spike in process!

e).  VODWIZ ON-BOARDING and CONSUMER LAUNCH:  "Be careful of what you wish for," as enormous opportunities require enormous effort.  With each movie being added to the site, HHSE and our supplier partner studios (as well as our VODwiz site-operational partner, Nanotech Entertainment) must put together very specifically formatted masters, and a tonnage of meta-data in a consistently structured database.  It's a Herculean task to get the train rolling... but watch what happens when this new venture is up to full speed.  "Scary-Exciting" is the term that HHSE C.E.O. Eric Parkinson used in yesterday's staff meeting, the likes of which he has not experienced since the release of Terminator 2 (and the simultaneous re-release of Terminator 1 - both of which simultaneously hit #1 in their respective sales categories). 

f).  PRODUCTIONS:  Holy smokes, the status update on each production alone requires a lengthy blog!  But news on each key production venture will be released as deemed appropriate. 

And there's more (not the least of which is the work that Regina and Daniel are conducting for the audit portion of our Form 10 filings).  But put it all together and you've got an AMAZING MONTH for Hannover House!

Monday, August 25, 2014

New Investor Relations Manager - in house at HHSE

Dear HHSE Friends & Shareholders - as mentioned in our blog of new staff additions (four of whom started working today!), we're pleased to also announce the addition of an in-house Investor and Media Relations manager at Hannover House.  Effective immediately, the direct email for this employee is:  IR-PR@HannoverHouse.com

Per our employment agreement, we have agreed to add this individual to our Officers & Employees Liability Policy, the application for which was filed last Thursday.  We anticipate a more specific announcement imminently (actually, we expected our additionally-named certificate today!), and will provide a name and photo at that time.  Meanwhile, questions of a public-nature can be sent to his attention at the above address, or copied as well to Eric@HannoverHouse.com

YES! Two more BLU-RAY Placements for HHSE!

For many key accounts - including Walmart and Best Buy - sales of BluRay format movies is right about 25% of the total "units" as compared to DVDs.  However, with the higher wholesale and retail prices, Blu-Ray is approaching 32% of gross revenues.  So it's ALWAYS EXCITING to get a Hannover House title placed in Blu-Ray... but today's news is that we have TWO new titles earning shelf spots!  "AMERICAN JUSTICE" and "SPRING BREAK MURDERS" will hit shelves at Walmart and Best Buy in both DVD and BluRay formats, so it's like having 32% MORE revenues for those items.  GO GO GO HHSE!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Those HHSE guys seem crazy busy!

Yeah, the energy here is amazing... but don't count on getting instant access by phones or email for any random outreaches to the HHSE management for the next week or so! 

In addition to the crazy-workload of finalizing masters for VODwiz uploads (and the complexity of the new venture announcement and consumer launch campaign next Saturday!), HHSE is also juggling a lot of other activities.  There's the current production of the SHADOW VISION feature, the pre-production work on MOTHER GOOSE, BELLE STARR and CLOWN TOWN, the video productions of DINOSAURS and SOCCER, and all of the theatrical release activities for ON ANY SUNDAY, BLACK-EYED DOG, WEATHER STATION, ASALTO AL CINE, WIDE BLUE YONDER and BORRAR DE LA MEMORIA (whew!). 

On top of all that, Daniel and Regina are triple-checking the 2012 and 2013 audit packages... and our technical services suppliers are handling the day-to-day "pre-release" work to create DVD and Blu-Ray art layouts and authored elements for 25+ titles in our short-term pipeline (below).  That in itself is a massive endeavor!  Thankfully, HHSE has four new staffers starting on Monday!

So this is the busiest period in our company history... but we think that the steps we're taking to complete the Form 10, to launch VODwiz, to expand our theatrical slate and to release a ton of new titles to DVD, Blu-Ray and V.O.D. is well worth the effort.  In short time, the results of these actions will be evident to a broader base of shareholders and investment funds, and those smart and patient longs will enjoy the results of all of this activity.

Thanks for your support of HHSE as we've enhanced (and expanded) our business model to generate greater revenues and results for our shareholders!



Thursday, August 21, 2014

SNAP! Another HHSE Title is Now Shipping to Retailers!

Shipments began today for director Andrew North's impressive and intense Welsh-thriller, "VALLEY OF THE WITCH."  This title streets in Canada next Month, and will appear in USA retailers in November.  Earlier this week, Hannover House began shipments of "POSSESSION: THE INGLODA WITHIN."  Exciting new release activity under the direction of HHSE's recently hired VP of Sales, TOM SIMS, and our enhanced in-house support staff.  Much more to come!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

HHSE Welcomes New Staffers to our Team!

Good morning HHSE Friends & Shareholders!  Lots of exciting activities at Hannover House require an enhanced and specialized support staff and team.  Accordingly, we are pleased to announce the following new Hannover House employees, all of whom will be working out of the company's principal headquarters offices in Arkansas:

REGINA HURST - Accounting Compliance Manager - Regina's accounting and bookkeeping background will help HHSE stay current on statements and audit-compliant reports

CAITLIN MCKENZIE - Sales & Marketing Administration - Caitlin has demonstrated a wide range of skills, from creative writing and direct communications to organizational and data management.

MITSI MCKEE - Webmaster - As the need for updates on the HHSE site grows, as well as need for an in-house coordinator for VODwiz technical activities, a skilled webmaster like Mitsi is welcomed.

KATHERINE MILLS - Production Manager - Katherine will coordinate production activities with directors, producers and outside entities that are providing the higher-profile titles to HHSE.


S.E.C. Edgar Database - Periodic Filings

Good Morning HHSE Friends & Shareholders - Apparently, yesterday's press release about Q2 earnings - which also addressed the artificial manipulation that has temporarily depressed the HHSE share price - touched a "nerve" with the smear-fear gang.  While they had been laughing about their promise to "close the stock under a penny" the day before, yesterday's start of a PPS price correction rebound was the first punch back against their "smear-fear" strategy. 

One of our legitimate shareholders sent a blog post to HHSE yesterday from "the leader of the smear-fear" in which the poster was trying to say that the low HHSE share price was due to malfeasance of management (?!!?), and no mention was made of the multiple "paint-down" fake sales that this same trader has used! 

Are we supposed to believe that a LEGITIMATE representation of the HHSE share value is represented by a trader that sell TWELVE (yes, "12") shares to a bid that's 15% below the next lowest ask price?  How much is that worth, about 15-cents?  How much was the brokerage fee on that trade, maybe $7.99?  These tiny "paint-down" orders make NO SENSE from a business standpoint, unless your agenda is to ARTIFICIALLY DEPRESS the perceived stock price in order to manipulate shareholder earnings and trades. There is NO OTHER possible explanation for why someone would purposely LOSE money on a tiny trade, except to paint an artificial price for the equity. 

Needless to say, HHSE is working closely with two investigators of the FBI white collar crimes unit, as well as the U.S. Attorney's office.  Every single stock transaction for HHSE is being watched, tracked and recorded.  Some of these "clever" manipulators are using the "accounts of friends" to try to mask their HHSE trading manipulations... which (unfortunately for them), is further evidencing the deliberate conspiracy to hide the manipulation.  Maybe such shenanigans are acceptable in places like, for instance, South Pasadena... but they are not making it past the folks in D.C. that HHSE is working with. 

SO WHAT'S HAPPENING TODAY??  There is a "full-out-assault" by the smear-fear-gang to TRY TO SCARE SHAREHOLDERS into selling and pushing the stock back below a penny.  THEY ARE DESPERATE TO STOP the PPS rebound recovery!  However - and this is the best part - in making today's new posts (and recruiting new "alias posts") they are giving the investigators significant new data and NEW conspirators to flip this into prosecutorial steps!

Anyway - HHSE was asked to comment on S.E.C. Edgar filings. 

Back in late 2012, HHSE applied to the S.E.C. for a Edgar access.  This initiated a lengthy series of calls and emails with various members of the S.E.C. office in Washington.  Ultimately, and as previously blogged, the company was granted access to file periodic reports.  However, our ability to file all formats of documents as a "full reporting status" company is limited until we file a Form 10 Registration Statement.  We applied for an "exception" to the 2-years of audits rule, and ultimately lost that appeal because the company has been operating for 20-years.  As a side note, "No" the company is not a coffee shop, not a trailer park and not a Post Box facility as the same smear-fear gang would like shareholders to believe.  Reality has NOTHING to do with their insane efforts to "poop-and-scoop" shares on the cheap... then ride the price back up and then (and this is their own phrase), "Rinse and Repeat." 

There's also more baloney about HHSE being a "Shell" company, which is more nonsense.  Taking a line out of context from a 10+ year old filing (in which the same document contradicts the line!), is part of the confusion strategy that these posters hope to use to breed fear.  Multiple attorneys have reviewed the company's corporate history and filings - and addressed ambiguities and inconsistencies in some of the older filings.  All of them have given TDGI / HHSE a clean bill of health.  One of the most thorough historic and forensic examinations was conducted by FINRA when the company filed for a name and ticker change.  That case was closed. 

They are desperate - and as they say, "desperate people do desperate things."  I hope that our Longs will join forces to CRUSH these guys the only way we can:  to pressure them to get the hell away from HHSE by proving that their scare tactics will NOT work on our longs, and to take their school-yard BULLY strategy to the company's out there that have NOT been operating for 20+ years and who do NOT have established product lines and clearly functional businesses. 

Meanwhile - we welcome the smear-fear-gang (any member is fine) to do their best to contact the S.E.C. and ask them about the HHSE applications and communications regarding the filing of periodic reports.  Maybe the S.E.C. will want to know the identity and motivations of persons making such absurd threats?  It's time to get REAL and time to HIT these smear-fear manipulators where it HURTS them the most... the PPS for HHSE should be allowed to recover and rebound.