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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Releases in Queue for Q4 Sales Success!

Greetings HHSE Friends & Shareholders - while most of our focus the past two weeks (and likely the next four weeks to come!) has been with the operational details supporting the mega-launch of VODwiz... we are still getting inquiries about our core home video business and new releases.  Attached are the four primary "DVD" releases for Q4 from Hannover House - not listed are the budget titles, the specialty releases and the Spanish product.  Also not listed are the Q4 theatrical releases (and we've got a BIG one in the lead, to be announced soon!).

Studio support for VODwiz is running at 100% - we have obtained titles and library support from every indie-studio label that has been approached.  All of these established programming suppliers recognize the absurdity of the current "product bottle-necking" that is happening within the existing VOD portals.  The box office hits are available almost everywhere.. but where can consumers find anything else? 

The VODwiz site and IPTV channel are looking to have unanimous support from the independent film distribution labels and industry as "the destination site" for a wide variety of films for streaming... NOT "JUST" a handful of hits that most movie consumers have already seen.  VODwiz will present a massive catalog of fresh discoveries in independent, esoteric, foreign and art releases.  AND WE LAUNCH NEXT MONTH!!! 

VODwiz is developing into a major brand portal, to be reckoned with in the same manner as HULU, VUDU, AMAZON, NETFLIX, ITUNES and other sites that have already developed brand identity in the rapidly emerging video-on-demand marketplace.

Meanwhile - because we were asked - here's some highlights for our upcoming home video slate:

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Impressive Technology drives VODWIZ on-boarding process...

With ten (10) indie studio partners committed to the VODWIZ consumer launch next month, the HHSE management is focused on the technical "on-boarding" process for each title.  HD files of each movie - including "meta-data" (that drives the listings information and menus), and "closed-caption" options - each take up close to 100-GIGABYTES of storage in the Apple ProRes formats.  So what are some of the solutions for on-boarding 2,500 full-length movies requiring (approximately) 250,000 GIGS of storage?  For our primary VODwiz supplier partners, we're utilizing 4-Terabyte Drives from Seagate, stacked five to a series inside of Venus 75-C drive towers.

It's surprisingly compact when you realize that one of these little Venus tower units is holding the High-Definition data files for TWO-HUNDRED (200) feature films! 

The entire VODwiz library launch titles can be stored onto about twelve of these towers.  Now, think back about ten or twelve years ago... remember that COMPAQ or DELL desktop tower that you had?  How much memory did those carry... maybe FOUR gigs if you had special media needs?  TEN Gigs if you were a geek programmer?  Compare yesterday's technology to this little tower (below) that holds TWENTY-THOUSAND Gigabytes of storage!!!

ANYWAY - VODwiz on-boarding is now in full-swing mode... and the consumer launch plans are being assembled.  The plan is for a consumer rollout in late August, driving movie audiences to the site once we have tonnage of title availabilities. 

UPDATE (Friday, July 18) - we have received some shareholder questions that have gone into far greater detail as to how the streaming logistics work, and how consumers will access files.  To be clear,  the Seagate Drives (and Venus "towers") are the hardware elements and methodology that HHSE is utilizing to collect all of the features comprising the VODwiz studio files.  These files are formatted for NTEK to utilize in uploading to the "Cloud" based storage and delivery systems that are the backbone of the VODwiz delivery (for both the web portal and the IPTV-Roku-compatible channel).  The physical delivery of streaming files is not being handled by HHSE or through our corporate offices.  However, the movie library for VODwiz that is being assembled through this digital file system will serve as the initial upload "source" as well as the "back-up" files in case there's ever a need to re-access one of the supplier studio's source films.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Busy 2-Quarters for HHSE in 2014 so far... much more to come!

Dear HHSE Friends & Shareholders - During the first six months of 2014, HHSE released ten (10) new release DVDs to the retail market... along with the launch of our international sales division and the Lennon Bermuda CD.  The last half of the year looks poised for even greater revenues, with strong retail support for AMERICAN JUSTICE and DINOSAURS OF THE JURASSIC, plus theatrical activity for BLACK-EYED DOG, and three foreign-language titles to theatres.  There's another eight video releases as well, but it's still too soon to predict the level of retail response.

SO HERE'S OUR OFFER:  The first ten (10) shareholders to email with an address will receive a set of HHSE 2014 video releases at no charge!  Just our way of saying "thanks" for your support! 

Please send your email request to:  Leigha@HannoverHouse.com

HHSE - New Release Videos
January 1, 2014 - July 15, 2014
1/7/2014  Amityville Asylum
2/4/2014  Blues for Willadean
4/1/2014  20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
4/1/2014  Around the World in 80 Days
4/1/2014  Journey to the Center of the Earth
4/1/2014  Jules Verne Classic Collection
4/1/2014  Family Movie Night
6/3/2014  Spring Break Murders
6/3/2014  Possession: The Ingloda Within
7/10/2014  Pappa Cap Urban 6-Pack

Thursday, July 3, 2014

An Instant "Halloween-Classic" from Hannover House!

Dear HHSE Friends & Shareholders - we were shocked-and-awed to see the production plans now underway for an impressive project - the scary-as-hell new thriller, "CLOWN TOWN."  It didn't take long for Hannover House to structure a deal with the creative team to acquire the worldwide rights to this classic new fright fest.  Watch for casting news and updates on this current production!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

AMERICAN JUSTICE - Speed Release Record for HHSE!

Sometimes, all the pieces just come together quickly and perfectly!  HHSE screened the action film "American Justice" at the Cannes market on Monday, May 19th.  On Tuesday, May 20, we had an "agreement in principal" with the licensor (Paseo Miramar Studios); by early June, a long-form document was fully executed... and by June 30, the entire marketing and release campaigns were completed (including packaging, distributor outreach and initial placement commitments for our top customers). 

In forty-two (42) days we went from "nice movie" to "Hannover House release."  We're pretty sure that this is a speed-release record for HHSE!  Onward & Upward!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Ahnume Business Consultants - NTEK and HHSE

Guest Blog this afternoon from ERIC PARKINSON, C.E.O. of Hannover House:

"Good afternoon HHSE Friends - There has been a lot of chatter (and some criticism) about the engagement last year of Ahnume Business Consultants and the issuance of restricted shares in HHSE in exchange for a laundry list of services.  The most notable achievement resulting from the Ahnume services was the introduction to Nanotech (NTEK) and their work in developing the operational infrastructure to enable VODwiz to go from 'great idea' to 'reality.'  As was stated in prior filings and updates, Hannover House was embarking on quite a journey with the logistical requirements of streaming movies simultaneously to thousands of consumers.  The cost to establish servers, switches and high-speed internet access was daunting, despite HHSE's close proximity to massive fiber-optic lines near the Tyson Foods world headquarters and the Walmart Stores data servers.  Having all of these issues - and costs - picked up by NTEK was a tremendous savings in time, money and logistics for HHSE.

The principal manager of Ahnume has requested that the anonymity as a business consulting group be protected.  HHSE has honored this request.

But to be clear, and as is stated in our Form 10 filing (and other applicable disclosures), the following facts are known and can be released regarding Ahnume Business Consultants:

a).  No officer, director, manager or affiliate (or any family members) of Hannover House are in any way associated with - or benefitting from - Ahnume.  Not myself, Eric Parkinson nor Fred Shefte, or other HHSE employees, family members, friends, etc., NONE are in any way involved with Ahnume. Period. That said, we think ALL shareholders will be benefitting from the launch of VODwiz and the other introductions and advice received through Ahnume. 

b).  To the best of our knowledge (and per a representation made by Ahnume), neither NTEK nor any of the NTEK partners, founders, former managers, are involved with Ahnume.

c).  Ahnume was incorporated in Wyoming specifically because HHSE is incorporated in Wyoming;  Ahnume stated to HHSE that by incorporating in Wyoming, they would be removing the issue of jurisdiction of governing law in the event of a dispute ever arising between HHSE and Ahnume.  It is HHSE's understanding that the primary location of Ahnume's activities and principals is in New York, and that Ahnume is essentially a 'special purpose entity' established for their work with HHSE.  The terms of service between HHSE and Ahnume have expired and no disputes are anticipated.

It is Hannover's opinion that the services provided by Ahnume were worth a tremendous amount to the company, certainly more than the face value of the restricted shares that were issued last year at the time of commencement of the services agreement.  Over the coming weeks, as the VODwiz platform is expanded to consumers (with our supplier studios added), the benefit from that one venture with NTEK will be evident to those who might criticize the venture as of today.  Ahnume also provided valuable introductions, insights and advice to HHSE management, which has been useful in the past year as the company implements major new ventures and changes to the structure of the business and operations.

* * * * *

If the goal of Fred Shefte and I was personal enrichment from HHSE, we would not be loaning personal cash to the business, deferring our salaries and forfeiting back stock shares to treasury.  We understand:  many Pinksheet managers are in the habit of "issuing" themselves new shares of common stock - but not at Hannover House.

Certainly, if self-enrichment were our goal, it would be easily achieved by simply issuing shares directly... and not through some complex and convoluted scheme to create a new entity to perform business consulting services.  Frankly, we think that the principal manager behind Ahnume MAY eventually want to step up and take credit for the introduction to NTEK - but only after VODwiz is a resounding success.  Meanwhile, we respect his request to not be harassed by shareholders, naysayers and other businesses that might also want access to capital and growth opportunities. 

.... back to work!"

Tell us a bit about the Movie Production Process?

Dear HHSE Friends & Shareholders - some questions have been posed recently from shareholders and followers that are unfamiliar with the processes and steps involved in the production of a major motion picture.  Unlike a "home movie" where production "starts when you turn on the camcorder," major films enjoy many months (and in the case of "Avatar," many YEARS) of production activity before the cameras start rolling.  Most top producers will concur that it's the work that happens BEFORE you start filming that makes the biggest impact on WHAT is filmed and HOW the overall production performs relative to schedule and budget.

HHSE C.E.O., Eric Parkinson, has been directly involved with the production of more than forty (40) feature films and ten (10) TV or made-for-video programs, ranging from micro-budgeted video projects (e.g., "Teen Yoga") to major indie-releases such as the director's special edition cut of "Terminator" in 1991.

We have asked Parkinson to prepare an abbreviated primer of the production process, for posting to this blog.  In the blog, he will address the current production status of key titles (see list below) and the stages that each of these are at in the production process.  Due to pre-existing work commitments, Parkinson does not anticipate this "production primer" being ready until later this week.  But it will be posted, and should contribute to a more informed shareholder base.  UPDATE, Monday, July 7th - HHSE CEO Eric Parkinson is in L.A. for meetings until Thursday with Redbox, Netflix, Fox and Freestyle; as time permits, he will address the subject of film production steps, processes and status issues for the benefit of the curious. THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST & PATIENCE!

The movie industry is an exciting field, and it attracts a lot of followers.  Oftentimes, misinformation is presented by "wanna-be" types that like to present themselves as experts.  However, dreaming of being a producer is a far cry from actually BEING a producer... and in this industry, respect is earned from one's body of work, not from one's expert claims.  Before you accept misinformation from an "expert," ask him (or her) to validate themselves by disclosing some recent production credits.  If they are unable to evidence a body of work, then you can "consider the source" and dismiss accordingly.

* * * * *

CURRENT / UPCOMING HANNOVER HOUSE PRODUCTIONS AND PRE-PRODUCTION VENTURES (Listed Alphabetically / Only lists "Previously Announced" titles):